Throughout the year walks are planned in places where the Huguenots settled; Wandsworth, Greenwich, Soho, Spitalfields, Clerkenwell and also in Norwich and Canterbury.  The programme of walking tours is designed to highlight the Huguenots, who they were, where they lived, what they did and their skills.  Walks can be arranged for both individuals and groups and can be conducted in French and English. The minimum number for a group is 10 and the maximum varies, but usually between 25-30 people.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of meeting places and any other information you may require.  



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Huguenots walking tours in Spitalfields takes place on the first Tuesday of each month from May to October. We meet at Christ Church, Spitalfields at 2pm.

Donation £10 per head goes towards the Huguenots of Spitalfields educational fund. You can turn up on the day but to guarantee a place, please buy your tickets in advance.

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Many of the Huguenots (French Protestants) who left France after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 were weavers - over the years 25,000 settled in Spitalfields. They brought their skills (known as “the Mysteries of the Strangers”), new techniques, new ideas and the incomparable French style. The master weavers lived in large, elegant houses whilst the journeymen weavers lived in small houses north of Spitalfields and Bethnal Green. You will hear about the silk industry, famous pattern designers, fashions, the weaving process and much more. Notably we will pass Anna Maria Garthwaite’s house and the hear the compelling story of this remarkable woman who died over 250 years ago.


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Walk in Soho - Date to be announced

“Many parts of this parish so greatly abound with French that it is an easy matter for a stranger to imagine himself in France".

It was the Court of St James and the neighbouring aristocracy which attracted the Huguenots to settle in Soho. It became the centre of the luxury goods market: gun makers, miniaturists, wigmakers, silversmiths, tapestry weavers, tailors, painters and sculptors. C18th London was an expanding middle class market as well with an appetite for the ‘French style’. We hear of the finest silversmith in the country, the mathematician who created the insurance industry and the founder of an art academy which would become the Royal Academy. We will see where the Huguenots worshipped and two surviving streets typical of the Huguenot period. It’s a story of faith, hard work, talent and success.












Paul Baker

paul20for20Fb2021As a guide/lecturer specialising in London as an international financial centre, Paul has an interest in all settlers who have helped London develop its enormous financial expertise. The Huguenots played a part in this development. Paul is a French speaker and conducts tours for school children highlighting their local history and other subjects in the curriculum.  Soho and Spitalfields are two Huguenot centres where Paul reveals the life and times of the Huguenots.

Kate Boyle

Foto1Kate Boyle is a City of London guide who uncovers the fascinating story of the Greenwich Huguenots. Greenwich is a wonderful place for tourists, with its combination of Royal and Naval history, its park, museums and markets. She became fascinated with the largely forgotten story of the Huguenot community; a group of high class, influential Huguenots who settled around the Marquis de Ruvigny. This small but important group is often overlooked.

Hugh Dennis

Hugh DennisHugh Dennis has been a London guide since 1999 and since then has led hundreds of walks through the depth and breadth of London, most of the time off the beaten track. He loves exploring those less well-known nooks and crannies that make London so fascinating. Coming from a mixed Huguenot/Jewish family, Spitalfields is his kind of place. So on his walks he shows more than most London locations how it captures London's rich and fascinating immigrant history.

David Evans

David EvansDavid's interest in the Huguenots of Clerkenwell probably stems from his being a confirmed Francophile, his having spent all his career with Air France and his being a registered Clerkenwell & Islington Guide. He is also a registered City of London and City of Westminster Guide with fifteen years experience in the guiding field.

 John Halligan

Jjohn halligan1ohn has had a life-long interest in history and in 2004 qualified as a City of London Guide. He leads walks in and around the City of London, including Spitalfields. His great grandparents were married in Christ Church, Spitalfields and his wife has Huguenot ancestry. John is particularly interested in showing walkers how the Huguenots left their mark on the Spitalfields area. He delivers talks to local groups, including one entitled 'Spitalfields through the Ages'.

Tim Kidd

Tim kidd1Tim Kidd is a City of London guide and Blue Badge guide/lecturer. He has been one of our Festival guides for all three Festivals and a speaker at a number of events talking about Huguenot heritage as well as the Huguenots of Spitalfields.Tim conducts walks in the City of London, Wandsworth and Spitalfields.

 Julia Kuznecow

Julia KuznecowJulia is a City of London Guide. Her interest in the Huguenots developed from personal research into local and social history, and she is passionate about sharing her interest and raising awareness of the ordinary and extraordinary people who have lived and worked in London. Julia leads Huguenot-themed walks in Spitalfields, the City and Wandsworth, as well as a number of other historical walks in the City and the East End.

 Charlie de Wet

Charlie de WetCharlie de Wet is a qualified City of London guide. She has lived in Spitalfields for over 20 years and conducts walks about architecture, immigrants, historic Spitalfields and Huguenot silk weavers. Charlie raises funds by undertaking group tours within the City of London. These include Broadgate art, Wren churches, new architecture in the City, Smithfield and many more.

 Guy Rowston

Guy RowstonGuy Rowston is an adult education lecturer who lectures on many aspects of London's history and is a qualified Westminster guide. Guy has been interested in the Huguenots since the tercentenary exhibition in 1985. He is particularly interested in showing how a faithful, hardworking and skilful immmigrant community made a contribution to British life. He specialises in the Soho community.