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Meet the Huguenots

arrivalCroppedHuguenots landing on the coast of England

Welcome to Meet the Huguenots, online schools learning resource for teachers. This learning resource has been developed through collaboration between the Huguenots of Spitalfields charity, Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives and Canon Barnett Primary School in Whitechapel, London. The sources and activities you will find here are aimed towards Key Stage Two History learning, but have been designed for adaptation to suit all levels.

The Huguenots were French people who had different religious beliefs from the majority of France. The French religion was Catholic but after the Reformation in 1517, many converted and became Protestants.  When the King of France decided that they were not allowed to worship as they chose, some Huguenots despite this being forbidden, fled the country. A large number ended up in England. You can use the sources available here to piece together your own story about the Huguenots.

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