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Weaving the Huguenot Story Assembly

Overview and Aims: Children will plan and lead an assembly and link with dedicated day or theme such as European Heritage Day, International Day, World Language Day, Refugee Week, etc. The assembly plan will enable children to apply their skills, knowledge and understanding in a new context.

Lesson Plan


Curriculum Links and Ideas - Key Stage 2

The Who were the Huguenots? scheme of work fits into a number of curriculum areas of Key Stage 2, but works best as a History study with literacy, science and art and design embedded.

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Curriculum Links and Ideas - Key Stage 3

This resource on the story of the Huguenots' arrival and impact in Britain is most suitable for History at Key Stage 3 but can also be used to embed citizenship and Design and Technology as a wider project. Or the section on the Huguenots as refugees and assimilation (On the Move) can be used on its own for a Citizenship lesson / project.

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