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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
dupuy, henry 1870 bethnal green milkman
durell From - To east london cabinet maker
durell From - To
Duterreau circa 1709 Rose Street, Soho Tailor, Soldier
Elizabeth Blarieux 1760s - Spitalfields
Elizabeth Canew nee Danpure 1795-1852 Brick Lane, Spitalfields Silk Weaver
Elizabeth Courcha 1803 - 1836 Bethnal Green Housewife
Elizabeth Cunew nee Danpure 1795-1852 Brick Lane, Spitalfields Silk Weaver
Elizabeth Dampure 1750 Threadneedle Street
Elizabeth Guillier 1716-1754 Spitalfields Weaver?
Elizabeth Isabelle Norman 1750s - Spitalfields
Elizabeth Marthe Pigne 1723 Threadneedle Street Silk Trade?
Elizabeth Rondeau 1741 1808 married at Christchurch (Father Sexton) wife of Benjamin Hooper Apothecary Surgeon
esther Mocquard 1725 Soho
Etienne Danpure 1726-1777 Threadneedle Street Silk Trade?
Etienne/Stephen Sorel - 4 February 1789 Spitalfields, parish of Christ Church Weaver with Partner Richard Ball "Sorel & Ball" in Spitalfields"
eude 1680 sclater st weaver
Ezekiel Heudebouck c.1696-? Stepney/Spitalfields "Spitalfields Weaver""
fage 1800 spitalfields
faires From - To