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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
de la Rue From - To
de Mare 1905 to present london Business
de payne From - To london silk traders
de Rouffignac From - To New Zealand
De Sanges/Desanges 1780-1810? Not known Silk trade.
Decodain London 1700
Deheulle 1690 East London Weaver
Delafons After 1685 London Latterly printers
Delahaye 1660-1800 Spitalfields, Stepney Weavers
Delahaye From - To Spitalfields Stepney Weavers
Dellow 1750 Whitechapel Basketmaker
Delme From - To
Denier From - To
Deniord 1720 onwards Spitalfields/ Shoreditch/Bethnal Green Waevers
Deniord 1848 Bethnal Green Box maker
deRouffignac, Jacob Bevan 1685 Threadneedle Street, London
Desert 1800-1840 Brick Lane Silk Weaver
Desert 1700-1800 Artillery Ground Silk Weaver
Dewyse Johan 1618 Southwark Silkweaver
direa 1730-1808 bethnal green