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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
Daniel Lewis Lefever 1880 St Leonard's, Shoreditch Upholsterer
Daran 1640 Spitalfields
David John savage 1969 Harlow Window film fitter
David Malandin 1695 to 1726 Spitalfields Silk weaver
David Manneke 1693-1702 Booth Street, Bethnal Green, London Weaver
David Provost 1720 whitechapel silk weaver
de Bonafous, Magdalene 1685 Threadneedle Street, London Wife
De Boos, Abraham 1716-1738 Spitalfields silk weaver
De Breuil 1679 spitalfields weaver
de brissac From - To
de fontenay From - To silk merchant
De Heulle, Abraham 1694- Spitalfields Weaver
De Kergyle 1600 London farmer
de la combe From - To
de la Rue From - To
de Mare 1905 to present london Business
de payne From - To london silk traders
de Rouffignac From - To New Zealand
De Sanges/Desanges 1780-1810? Not known Silk trade.
Decodain London 1700