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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
Susanne Danpure 1755 Threadneedle Street
Susanne Danpure 1721- Threadneedle Street Silk Trade?
Susanne Lhommeaux 11/04/1761-11/07/1784 Threadneedle Street Broad Silk Weavermse5
Susanne Lhommeaux 1784 Old Cock Lane Shoreditch Broad Silk Weaver
Suzannah Lemeres 1737 Bethnal Green Silk Weaver
Suzanne DeVaux 1690 Anchor Street, Spitalfields Silk Weaver
Suzanne Payzant ca 1757-1765 parish of Christ Church Spitalfields toy woman
Suzanne Ruffy alliaume 1700- Theeadneddle St spitafield london
Tahourdin, Gabriel 1698 City of London Merchant
Tanqueray, David 1700 SpitalFields, London Weaver
Teulon Not known
Teulon 1689-1740 Greenwich hat maker
Thomas Artus 1800 Southwark
Thomas Thomas 1692 Bishipsgate Stonemason
Thomas Villiers 1750 - 1796 Co. Armagh Ireland Flax Grower
tillett From - To
TREE SEARCHTOOLSEDIT Simon Claude Etheodoric Guillier Simon Claude Etheodoric Guillier 1685- Stepney Weaver?
tuffery From - To
vaissiere From - To
Valadees David 1725 Threadneedle street