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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
Boucher, Alexandra 1960-2016 Holland publishing
Boudry 1585 Threadneedle St London Weaver
boure From - To
Bourlet From - To Essex Retired
bourre From - To
Bredel 1690-1700 Endland unknown
briand From - To
Briant William 1755 Bristol
brissac From - To
Brousse Jacques 1686 to 1700 London Leather Merchant from Cognac France
Buckea, Peter 1735 Shoreditch, Bethnal Green Silk Weaver
Buckea, Richard 1836 Shoreditch, Spitalfields Master gold Leaf Manufacturer
Buteux 1700 North Folgate Silk Weaver
BUTEUX Isaac 1681-1704 Cock Lane, Shoreditch Silk Weaver
Campart 1689 onwards Spitalfields Silk weaver
Camroux From - To
Carlier 1700 Bethnal green Weaver
cato From - To spitalfields
cavalier 1600 1900 spitlefilds weavers
Cavalier From 1681 Spitalfields Silk Weavers