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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
Boileau, Thomas 1826 Low Leyton Glazier
Boisson, Stephen ca 1730 - 1820 Norton Folgate (Shoreditch), Bethnal Green Prob silk weaver
Boisson, Stephen 1775 - 1849 Norton Folgate, Cock Lane, Bateman's Row, Abbey Pl Silk weaver
Boivin 1730 - 1850 Spitalfields Weavers / Dyers
Boivin 1773 - 1866 Bethnal Green Dyer
bouchard From - To
boucher From - To
Boucher, Alexandra 1960-2016 Holland publishing
Boucher, Joseph 1753 - 1780 St Bride, London glass
Boudry 1585 Threadneedle St London Weaver
boure From - To
Bourlet From - To Essex Retired
bourre From - To
Bredel 1690-1700 Endland unknown
briand From - To
Briant William 1755 Bristol
brissac From - To
Brousse Jacques 1686 to 1700 London Leather Merchant from Cognac France
Buckea, Peter 1735 Shoreditch, Bethnal Green Silk Weaver
Buckea, Richard 1836 Shoreditch, Spitalfields Master gold Leaf Manufacturer