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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
Ralph Lewling 1700 Aldgate Silk Weaver
Regelous John William 1874 Bethnal Green
Reneau 1688 - 1768 Wheeler St, Spitalfields
reneau From - To
renou renew 1802 45st john street, smithfield silversmith
Renvoize 1700-1900 Church-street, St. Matthew's, Bethnal Green Various
restieaux From - To
revis From - To
Reynell 1831 Shoreditch Weaver
Reynell 1824 Shoreditch Silk Weaver
Robert Arrowsmith 1700 Shoreditch weaver
Rodier Samuel Henry 1913 -1970 Australia
Roiffe 1683 Bethnal Green Weaver
Rondeau Jean 1665 - 1882 Brick Lane, Wilkes St, Sclater St Silk weavers then Loom Brokers
Rouviere 1685 - ? Spitalfields Wife of wils weaver Dulieu
Royer Louis About 1730 Spitalfields & then in 1750 Southgate Barber
Royer Louis About 1730 Spitlafields & in 1750 Southgate Barber
Rozee C.1685 Spitalfields Silk weaver
Ruffy 1687 Quaker Street Silkweavers
Samuel 1723 Spitalfields Weaver