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Name Date of Residence Location Occupation
Baudemont 1690 London Weaver
baven 1750-1799 london
baven From - To
beauchamp 1780 Bethnal green
Beaurain From - To Spitalfields & Bishopsgate
Beavis 1750-mid 18th century Blossom Sreet Norton Folgate Loom Makers and Beadle and Undertaker
beldham From - To surrey hop farmer
beldham 1650 surrey hop farmer
beldham From - To
bellette From - To
Benoist From - To Spitalfields Weaver/draper
Bentote, Jean 1740 London Silkweaver
BERDAN From - To
Bernard Lacomber 1715-1764 Spitalfields Weaver
Berthon 1700 London Merchant
Bertrand Cazalar (Cazalla) 1730-1785 Crispin Street, Spitalfields Linen Draper
betambeau 1700 and 1800s shoreditch lace makers
bizzell 1751 shropshire blacksmith
Blanchard From - To